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About Integrally Awake

Integrally Awake offers mentoring and coaching to people who wish to more fully awaken to and embody their truest nature, which is pure awareness unbound from overshadowing thought, opening to complete ease of body and mind.


IA also provides support to those that have had shifts into awakening but need help stabilizing and navigating this new, fuller sense of being, integrating it into current livelihood and relationships or finding new avenues better suited to awakened living.

IA helps people look more deeply into the stories, structures, habit energy, and shadow that may be holding us back from more fully enjoying meaningful relationships at work and at home whether we are awake or not.

IA helps people find ways to be of greatest benefit to others and the planet in the ways that are the most fulfilling, sustainable and suitable for individual abilities and interests.

IA encourages healthful living through making art and through permaculture, creating food forests, organic gardens and productive landscapes through Gaia's Dream permaculture design services.

Contact Integrally Awake for current rates for one-on-one sessions.

About Barry Wadsworth

Barry Wadsworth became interested in heightened states of awareness in the mid-70's after experiencing a shift in awareness while laying on a beach all night on Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, a deeply restful interconnected awareness of body and environment. He began practicing meditation in 1976, and Yogic Siddhis in1978 while studying at Maharishi International University, where he began experiencing shifts into the silence of pure awareness while in activity and occasional shifts into non-dual, unified awareness of the environment.

In 1984, Barry began practicing Chan (Zen) Buddhism while living in Taiwan. Over the next many years, sitting and walking meditation, silent retreats and mindfulness practice helped stabilize pure awareness and deepening and clarifying "centerless, ownerless Oneness." 


In 2006, Barry received silent transmission from the Dharma heir of his Shifu (Chan Master Sheng-yen), Guo-jun Fa-shi, while on a Silent Illumination retreat in Pine Bush, New York. He was asked by Guo-jun to start hosting a meditation group and create a Dharma Drum chapter in Fort Wayne, Indiana, where he was living at the time.

In 2007, Barry learned Burmese Vipassana practice from Chanmyay Sayadaw and in 2008, while on a three week vipassana retreat, realization of the three seals of Buddhism was validated by his Burmese teacher:


Also in 2008, Barry attended a Bodhisattva Precepts retreat offered by his Shifu, Master Sheng-yen, in Pine Bush, New York.


Barry has taught meditation since 2006, led meditation groups and retreats, assisted as time keeper on Chan retreats and has been writing and teaching about awakening for many years. He offers one-on-one mentoring to help guide those aspiring to wake up and those that have experienced awakening to stabilize and integrate awakened living.  He also helps people with integral development, looking into over-arching narratives, stories, self-imposed rules, notions and blindspots that may be causing problems in ones life, whether awake or not.

Barry also enjoys art, photography, writing and permaculture design. But nothing gives him more pleasure than to help others realize the gem that is their essential nature: pure, unbounded awareness, which provides the clear illumination to see into shadow and live a fuller life of loving-kindness, compassion, altruistic joy and equanimity.

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