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Perceiving from Pure Awareness

When we are living from pure awareness, everything is happening within awareness and everything is interconnected through pure awareness. We can tap into how a tree perceives the world because the underlying primal awareness is the same. The life energy is the same, manifesting as tree or human body. Suddenly, we can experience space and time as a tree experiences space and time. Or a flower waving in a field. There is no self-sense arising in the pure experience of awareness, or if it does, it is seen for what it is, merely a fleeting conceptual fabrication produced through millions of interactions with our environment and our own thinking mind and feeling body. But pure awareness is more fundamental than this and when we live from this, everything is seen as arising, being, passing away, yet the underlying pure awareness, the living emptiness, source or Spirit, that which reads these lines, is always here. It's only when we submit to the thinking mind and lose ourselves in labyrinths of thought that it can become obscured.

Once this is clearly seen, it cannot be unseen.

Yet although it is indelible, we can become overshadowed by the daily concerns of the world. So, we practice returning to the silence that sees, lives, breathes until it becomes stabilized. We can return to the bright, open, clear, pure awareness at any time by just taking a pause and investigate, "What is aware?"

What is aware, right here and now? What sees? What hears? What feels? What thinks? What is aware of thoughts arising and passing? As soon as we ask, "What is aware?", we are again experiencing bare awareness, the awareness within which our entire world continually manifests, moment to moment.

True mindfulness is practiced from pure awareness. We cultivate the ability to live from this most fundamental level of being. If we get lost in thought, when we realize this, we just let go, relax, and ask, "What is aware?" We return again and again, cultivating the ability to live from this wholeness.

What is aware? Nothing is more worthy of investigation.

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